5 Features To Design Unique Custom Windows

Windows are a prominent feature of your home interior and exterior d├ęcor. If you want to upgrade your home, custom windows can help achieve a unique and personal style. Unlike stock window systems, you have a lot of input in the window's design. If you want to give your home a unique touch of style, below are some customization options for your window replacement project. 1. Variety of Colors [Read More]

Want More Windows? 4 Reasons to Face Them Towards the Backyard

Although you may like your house, you may want to continue adding and changing features to improve homeowner satisfaction and make your family happier with living there. If you know that your household is interested in adding more windows throughout the house, you may want to install some that face towards the backyard for the various benefits that it can provide. 1. Enjoy More Privacy If you add windows to the front of your house, you will likely give up privacy unless you are willing to use window treatments and keep them closed the whole time. [Read More]

3 Ways To Save Time Having New Window Blinds Installed

Having blinds installed for your windows for the first time can be so much easier when you make plans first rather than just ordering blinds with little research. Since you don't want the blinds you pick out to be too small or not have the level of light opacity you want, you'll need to see what you can look for and what you can do to make sure that the installation happens in a reasonable timeframe. [Read More]

Options For Broken Window Glass Repair

A broken window can be an emergency if the glass is severely damaged. The broken glass could make your home less secure or it could let in cold air. A small crack in the glass is also a cause for concern since the crack could spread if it isn't repaired fast enough. Here's a look at some options for repairing broken windows. Make Temporary Repairs To A Small Crack If the hole or crack is small, you might attempt temporary repairs. [Read More]