Options For Broken Window Glass Repair

A broken window can be an emergency if the glass is severely damaged. The broken glass could make your home less secure or it could let in cold air. A small crack in the glass is also a cause for concern since the crack could spread if it isn't repaired fast enough. Here's a look at some options for repairing broken windows.

Make Temporary Repairs To A Small Crack

If the hole or crack is small, you might attempt temporary repairs. This could involve using a glass repair kit or tape to seal the damaged area to keep rain and wind out. Temporary repairs can also prevent the crack from spreading, but if you make repairs with a glass repair kit, a glass repair company might not be able to remove the epoxy to make less noticeable permanent repairs.

If the damage is too large to repair yourself, temporarily cover the window if a glass repair service can't respond right away. Duct tape or a plastic bag taped to the window could get you in trouble with your HOA, and those repair methods let intruders know the glass is broken and your home security is vulnerable.

Remove The Sash To Replace The Glass

When a window glass repair service comes to your home, they can make immediate repairs as long as they have the type of glass needed for a replacement. Some types of windows are easier to repair and in those cases, the glass can be exchanged without removing the sash.

However, removing the sash usually isn't difficult, and it allows the repair person to lay the window down flat for easier access. The caulking around the glass pane is removed so the glass can be pulled out and a new pane put in. The repair person has to choose the same length, width, and tinting as the old glass so your new glass will fit and match the other windows.

Replace The Window Sash

Sometimes it may be necessary to replace the window. This is especially true of modern windows that have double panes with an insulating gas between them. However, you might not have to replace the entire window. The repair person might be able to put in a new sash kit instead. This contains the new glass panes already installed in a sash that can be installed once the old sash is removed.

You might be able to have broken window repairs done at your home, or in some cases, you might want to remove the sash yourself and take the sash to a window repair shop. Call the repair company and describe the damage and give details about the type of windows you have. They can then tell you if repairs might be possible or if you will need to replace part of the window. If a sash kit or glass has to be ordered, the repair company may come to your home to board your window to make sure your home is secure while you wait to get your broken window repaired. Contact a broken window repair service for more information.