5 Features To Design Unique Custom Windows

Windows are a prominent feature of your home interior and exterior décor. If you want to upgrade your home, custom windows can help achieve a unique and personal style. Unlike stock window systems, you have a lot of input in the window's design.

If you want to give your home a unique touch of style, below are some customization options for your window replacement project.

1. Variety of Colors

Every home has a unique color scheme, and you can enhance the look with custom colored windows. The color customization options allow you to match any finish or color in your home. With these color options, you can get the windows to blend with the rest of the house color or create a stylish contrast.

2. Shapes and Sizes

The shape and size of windows complement your home's design. For your window replacement project, consider the wide variety of shapes and sizes to add personality to your home. It's possible to match the door styles or shape to the new window for that cohesive décor look. 

Popular customization options include circle tops, cathedral style, circle, eyebrow/half-eyebrow, oval, hexagon, pentagon, rectangle, triangle, and others. The different configurations can complement your home's roofline and also enhance your home's architectural design.

3. Window Materials

For custom window installation, you have a wide variety of window frame materials to choose from. Different materials have unique qualities, including energy efficiency (R-value/U-value), durability, weather resistance, aesthetics, and other features.

Some popular window materials include vinyl, wood, clad, fiberglass, aluminum, wood-clad, and composite windows. Choose the best window replacement option that blends with your home and suits your region.

4. Window Glasses

You can improve your home's privacy, energy efficiency, and aesthetics with the right choice of custom window glass. The custom glass adds architectural detailing to your home and you can choose the ideal product to suit different room applications.

Some custom glass options include decorative, insulated glass units (IGUs) (double and triple-panes), Tempered glass (safety windows), impact windows, privacy windows, and low-E glass among others. Custom glass has different qualities to help you achieve specific styling or functional purposes.

5. Window Grilles

Window grilles divide the glass in your windows and have a huge impact on the styling of the units. For your window replacement project, you can choose a grille system that suits your home's architecture.

Traditional window grilles divide the glass into six panes but you have myriad other grilles styling options to choose from. For a custom window, you design the grille to suit your style and design. 

Window customization options are limitless and if you can imagine it, the window designers can create it. For a successful window replacement project, compare different window installers in your city and choose the best.

For more information about custom windows, contact a window installation company, such as Innovations Siding & Windows.