Hurricane Windows: What Makes Them Different From The Other Windows?

As you may be aware, the damage caused by a storm is associated with the high impact on windows and doors. The breakages can cause a sudden gust of air into your home. Considering that the pent-up air pressure has to be released, it can easily blow off the roof and even walls as it escapes.

Though this paints a grim picture, there's something you can do to stay safe. This is by investing in hurricane windows since they are sturdy enough to withstand high impact. The secret behind their strength lies in their laminated glass that has a vinyl film in between. In the unlikely event that the glass breaks, the film serves as a membrane that prevents the shards from splattering. Here is what makes the windows stand out and protect your house from storms.

Enhanced Safety

Having impact glass installed by a window expert guarantees your safety if there's a storm in your area. Hurricane windows are designed to resist strong and high-speed winds. As previously mentioned, the windows consist of multiple layers of glass. This goes a long way in keeping the glass intact during storms. As a result, you are assured that your loved ones are safe at all times, ensuring you enjoy peace of mind. 

Discounted Home Insurance Premiums

For obvious reasons, insurers view a home located in an area prone to storms as high risk. This explains why homeowners in such places tend to pay higher premiums. The good news is that hurricane windows can help lower your home insurance costs since the insurer will know that your house is more secure. The discounted premiums will undoubtedly help you save money over time. 

Comply With Building Codes

Over the years, the authorities have realized that hurricane windows can help safeguard lives and property. That's why there are places where high-impact windows are recommended. For example, if you live along the Florida coastline, the regulations require your house to have hurricane windows. 

It is essential to ask about such regulations and comply with them by installing hurricane windows. Otherwise, you might have trouble with law enforcement and have to pay costly fines. If you are not sure whether high-impact windows are a must-have in your region, consulting with a window expert will help you make an informed decision.

As you can see, hurricane windows are a great investment. Installing them enhances safety in your home and offers many other benefits, as highlighted above. To learn more about hurricane windows, contact a supplier.