The Perks of Fiberglass Window Fixtures

There are a number of effective and stylish window materials on the market. One of the most durable and affordable window solutions is fiberglass. It is a versatile material that is ideal for homeowners who want a product that doesn't need constant maintenance. Many people are drawn to fiberglass because it is so durable and waterproof, and it is ideal for the cold and wet environment of Canada. Read on for more about why fiberglass is such a great option for homeowners in Canada. [Read More]

4 Reasons You May Want To Keep Your Old, Historic Windows

When you are doing a renovation on the home, one of the things that you think about replacing is your windows. Generally, this is for better energy efficiency and for a more modern appearance. However, you don't have to replace every single one if you don't want. If you like the historic feel, there are ways your current windows can be restored. You could potentially keep this at the front of the house, which is seen by passersby, and replace the old ones throughout the rest of the house with modern, more efficient windows. [Read More]

A Guide To Removing An Older Double Hung Window From Your House

If you have old double-hung windows you would like to remove from your brick house and replace with a newer, more efficient window, you can save yourself some money by removing the window yourself. Supplies Putty Knife Razor Blade/ Utility Knife Scissors Pry Bar Skill-Level You need to be able to safely use a razor blade, knife, scissors and pry bar in order to complete this job. Make sure you never pull a blade towards your body,and exercise caution with all sharp objects. [Read More]

Four Myths About Window Tinting You Should Know

Window tinting has been around for years, which also means that there are many myths that surround them. As tinting has changed over the years, many of the things you may have heard about them have changed from facts to myths. Here are four myths about window tinting you should know if you are debating whether or not to have your home tinted: 1. Tinting Kills Plants One reason homeowners stay clear of getting their windows tinted on their homes is because they believe that it means they will no longer be able to have plants in their homes. [Read More]