4 Reasons You May Want To Keep Your Old, Historic Windows

When you are doing a renovation on the home, one of the things that you think about replacing is your windows. Generally, this is for better energy efficiency and for a more modern appearance. However, you don't have to replace every single one if you don't want. If you like the historic feel, there are ways your current windows can be restored. You could potentially keep this at the front of the house, which is seen by passersby, and replace the old ones throughout the rest of the house with modern, more efficient windows. Here are four reasons you may want to keep the old windows intact:

1. Authenticity

When it comes to owning a historic home, your home's natural charm, beauty and character come primarily from its windows. The windows were custom built so that they could fit the frames and beautifully complement the house design. This is hard to achieve with a replacement window.

2. Resale

If you plan to sell your historic home in the near future, and plan to use the term "historic" as a selling feature, then the old windows really do need to remain. Potential buyers will often pay a premium price for historic homes that still have original features (such as windows).

3. Efficiency

While most people would assume that old windows allow too much heat out in the winter and cool air out in the summer, this isn't always true. According to the Canadian Energy Efficiency Alliance, as much as 25 percent of heat can be lost through your home's windows. However, if an old window was installed properly and the weather-stripping is tight and secure, it can be just as efficient (or close enough for you to not tell a major different) as a newer window. After all, weather-stripping can reduce heating and cooling costs by as much as 20 percent.

4. Operability

Older windows tend to be much easier to operate because of the pulley and weight counter balance system that was installed with them. Some believe this was the best system that was ever invented. Historic windows were built to handle greater tolerances while still being able to operate smoothly. Today's systems typically involve vinyl jamb liners, which have spring balances and foam that seem to be cheaply made.

If you want to keep the historic charm of your home, but you want to upgrade somehow, you may want to speak to a professional to find out what options there are. There may be a way for you and your contractor to meet in the middle, but you won't know until you ask! Contact a company like Rusco Industries Windows for more information.