Four Myths About Window Tinting You Should Know

Window tinting has been around for years, which also means that there are many myths that surround them. As tinting has changed over the years, many of the things you may have heard about them have changed from facts to myths. Here are four myths about window tinting you should know if you are debating whether or not to have your home tinted:

1. Tinting Kills Plants

One reason homeowners stay clear of getting their windows tinted on their homes is because they believe that it means they will no longer be able to have plants in their homes. This is believed because the window tinting keeps out the sun. However, many indoor plants thrive without exposure to the sun. In fact, extreme exposure to the sun is what kills most indoor plants. 

2. Homeowners Will Have no Natural Lighting

Another reason homeowners stay clear of tinting the windows in their homes is because they believe it means that they will no longer have natural lighting. However, this is not the case since tinting a home is designed to only keep out the UV rays from the sun, not the actually light itself. In fact, most tinting options for homes are virtually invisible meaning you won't even be able to tell that you have them tinted just by looking at them.

3. Tinting is Too Expensive

Another myth that surrounds window tinting is the cost. Many people believe that tinting is extremely expensive and not worth it in the end. However, even if you believe the initial cost to instal window tinting is too expensive, you will actually see some savings in other areas. For example, window tinting cuts down costs on energy costs since it helps to keep your home much cooler.

4. Tinting can Cause Windows to Shatter

The myth that window tinting can cause windows to shatter come from homeowners who failed to have the proper window film installed. If you don't hire professionals to install the window film, then there is a really high chance that you are not going to see the benefits.

You need to be cautious of who you hire to install window film for the windows on your home since you want to be sure that you are having the right type of film installed for the specific windows that you have. 

By knowing how to separate these myths from fact, you can begin to become more comfortable with the idea of tinting the windows on your home. Overall, you will see an increase in energy saving costs and the value of your home will increase, as well. For more help, contact a company like Reflec Tech window tinting to learn more.