3 Ways Exterior Doors Leak Air

Losing air from inside your business happens, but losing too much air can drastically impact the comfort in your building and your energy bills. While there are numerous sources of air leaks in buildings, one area you might want to inspect is your exterior doors. Exterior doors are designed to stop airflow, but this isn't always what happens. If this is happening, contact a window and door company and have them make the adjustments needed to fix the problem.

Alignment Is Off

If the alignment of a door is off, you could experience problems. Typically, a misaligned door will not open and close properly. You may have to lift the door slightly to get it to open or close, or you may really have to pull or push it to do this. Doors that are not aligned properly may be like this from poor installation, but they can also be like this from settling. As a building settles, the orientation of a door can sometimes become off just slightly. Even the slightest discrepancy can cause air leaks, but this can be fixed.

A window and door company can remove the door from the hinges and adjust it. They will make sure it is installed properly and that it opens and closes like it should. Once this is done, the air leaks might stop.

Weatherstripping is Bad

If the doors are old, the weatherstripping around them might be worn out. Old weather stripping can be corroded and will not do the job it's intended for. If you have air leaking in through the bottom of the door, it is likely caused by this problem. To fix this, a window and door company will remove the weather stripping from the door and will replace it. Replacement weatherstripping may be more insulated than the existing weatherstripping your doors have, and this too will help stop the airflow that is coming through.

Window Leaks

If your exterior doors have windows in them, there is a greater chance that they will leak simply because windows add another way for air to escape. A window and door company may suggest caulking the windows, or they may want to place window insulation film over the windows. Both of these methods can help stop airflow.

If you are tired of losing heat during the winter, contact a company that offers window and door repairs, such as Metro Windows & Doors Ltd. They may be able to fix the problems you have, or they could install new doors for you.