What You Should Know About Glass Shower Doors

Whether you're just upgrading your bathroom or thinking about reselling, one feature you want to consider is the shower. The right shower can vastly improve your bathroom, and glass shower doors provide style and class to any shower. Choosing the right doors for your particular bathroom, however, is crucial. If you are thinking about glass shower doors, check out these four facts you need to know to ensure you install the right shower doors in your bathroom.

There Are Pivoting and Sliding Doors

When picking a door, you'll first determine if you prefer a pivoting or sliding shower door. Pivoting doors are incredibly popular because they are considered more modern and stylish than sliding doors. However, pivoting doors require a lot of room to open, making them a poor choice in small bathrooms. Sliding glass doors may not be as desirable, but they are better in small bathrooms or in shower-tub combos. They take up no space because they slide to open like a shower liner. In general, sliding glass shower doors have metal frames. You can get a pivoting door with a metal frame, but most are frameless for added visual appeal.

They Vary in Price

If you're worried about price, sliding glass shower doors are your best choice because they are incredibly affordable. You can purchase a set of sliding glass doors for about $100 to $300, and if you're handy with home installation projects, you may be able to install the doors yourself. If you'd prefer professional installation, however, you'll only pay about $300 to $600 extra. If you want pivoting doors, expect to pay between $300 and $2,500 for the doors, depending on size, quality, etc. Pivoting glass shower doors are harder to install yourself, so it's best to hire a professional for $600 to $4,000. In addition, sliding glass shower doors can often be installed in existing shower-tub combos, but if you want a pivoting glass shower door, you may need to remodel your entire shower, increasing the price further.

Pivoting Doors Are Easier to Clean

Maintenance for glass shower doors involves keeping them clean, and pivoting doors are easier to clean. One reason pivoting doors are easier to clean is that most lack a metal frame. With a sliding glass door, you'll need to keep the metal frame clean to prevent damage. Another problem with cleaning a sliding glass door is the metal track. To slide, sliding shower doors sit in a track, and it can quickly become clogged with soap scum, calcium deposits, etc. This increases the risk of damage and rust to the frame and track, but it also makes it difficult to open and close the shower doors.  

Privacy Options Are Available

One concern you may have about glass doors is privacy, but if you want the luxury of glass shower doors with privacy, you're in luck because there are many privacy options. Instead of clear glass, you can choose tinted, which gives subtle privacy without blocking your view. For more privacy, however, you can choose glass with designs, etched glass, or beveled glass. The downside, however, is that it may make the shower and bathroom look smaller because the glass is no longer transparent.

Glass showers and glass shower doors can turn any bathroom into one you and your family will love. However, choosing the wrong door can actually make the bathroom look worse or smaller. With these three tips, you are sure to pick the right option to complement your bathroom and boost resale value. For more information regarding glass shower doors, contact a contractor in your area today.