Choosing A New Patio Door For Your Coastal Home

If you're looking to replace your patio door and you live in a coastal area, then there are some things you should consider. Most coastal areas are prone to exposure to wind, water, and salt compared to other areas. Even if you live in a dry climate, or along a freshwater body, you will have to deal with special weather issues at one time or another. Therefore, the material and type of doors you choose will need to stand up to these special conditions while still enhancing your home's appearance. Here are three things to consider when replacing your patio doors in a coastal area.

Type of Frame Material

Because of the high moisture and salt content of the coastal air, some door materials do better than others. Anything metal is subject to corrosion and rust, so unless your door also includes a special coating or finish, it may look worn before its time. The same goes for wood which can actually break down and suffer from mold if it's constantly soaked with water. However, fiberglass and vinyl doors usually wear very well in a coastal climate and need comparatively very little maintenance.

Type of Glass

To take advantage of those gorgeous coastal views, you'll likely want a door with lots of glass. Make sure the glass in your door is durable and can hold up to rain and even flying debris. Impact-resistant, double-pane windows are a must if you live in an area with bad storms or high winds. If your door is facing towards the path of the sun, you can also install tinted glass to help reduce the sun's impact.

How Your Door Opens and Closes

There are a variety of opening styles to choose from, but if your home is in an area prone to bad storms, then you'll want a door that won't blow open at the wrong time. Doors that open outward work well in these areas as the wind will press the door closed instead of blowing it open. Sliding doors work well if you want a large door with a lot of glass but have limited space.

Replacing and updating the look of your patio door can give your home a fresh new look. Whether you live in a coastal area or not, it's important to choose the right one for your climate. The right match of materials and glass makes a big difference when it comes to longevity. Once you've picked out the type of door you want, have it installed with a professional entry door installation team so that it fits and works perfectly.