2 Easy And Inexpensive Ways To Update The Look Of Your Windows

When it comes to updating a room in your home, it's easy to feel slightly overwhelmed about where to start. You may also have a limited budget to spend, so you also need to figure out which elements of the room will have the biggest impact for the lowest cost.

If you can't decide which element to begin with, the windows are always a great starting point. They're a relatively small task in comparison to fully repainting or resurfacing the floor, but updating them can still have a big impact on the overall look and feel of the home. Here are two ideas for transforming tired, dated windows into a contemporary and stylish feature of the room.

1. Add some custom blinds

Window coverings are like the frosting on the cake for both the windows and the rest of the room. Updating old and less-than-fashionable drapes with some sleek and stylish custom-made blinds will give any room a fresh, crisp, and contemporary feel. Blinds are a great choice because they're simple and streamlined, which is important when creating a more modern look.

Having your blinds custom-made gives you the ability to inject some of your own style and personality into the design. You can opt for natural, organic colors and textures or add some glitz and glamour with fabric that has metallic threads woven through it. Custom blinds also allow you to embrace your love of color and pattern by choosing a vibrant, decorative fabric. Get more information by contacting a company such as Sylvan's & Phillip's.

2. Repaint the window frames

Paint is an excellent way to breathe new life into tired, old windows. A simple coat of paint can work wonders, hiding away marks and scratches and providing a fresh, clean, and modern look to even the oldest window frames. Whether your window frames are timber or metal, make sure that you choose an appropriate paint and primer for the job.

Repainting your window frames is also an opportunity to have a little fun and add some contemporary panache. You can opt for a bright, bold color or an uber fashionable look such as matte black or dark gray. For a really dazzling look, you can even choose one of the fabulous metallic paints that are now available on the market.

The great thing about painting window frames is that they're very small areas to paint and don't require a huge budget. This means that if you change your mind sooner rather than later, it's easy and inexpensive to refresh the look as often as you like.