How To Fix Vinyl Gutter Leaks

You shouldn't ignore a leaky vinyl gutter. A gutter redirects water to keep it from your home's foundation and roof.  Homeowners choose vinyl gutters because they don't rust and they are flexible. However, a leaky gutter eventually causes rotted wood, and it can get into your attic walls. It is easy to fix a leaky vinyl gutter seam by following these steps: Prepare to Fix the Leaky Seam To fix the gutter seam, gather: [Read More]

Are Wood Blinds Worth The Extra Cost? Three Reasons Why The Answer Is Yes

If you are looking to cover your windows and gain some privacy, you have many options. You can put up heavy draperies, use a roller shade or select from aluminum, vinyl, or wood blinds. One of the more expensive options to cover your window is wood blinds. due to their cost, one of the questions that people often have is whether wood blinds are worth the extra cost. There are many benefits to wood blinds and those benefits are why the answer to this question may be yes. [Read More]

Why You Should Tint Your Car Windows Prior To Summer

Spend a lot of time in your car during the summer? Keeping cool can be hard unless you depend on the air conditioner. Thankfully, there are other tricks to reducing how hot your car gets in the summer. Window tinting is usually done because of how it looks, but this feature provides several other benefits you may not be aware of: UV Ray Reduction Constantly being exposed to the sun's UV rays while in your car can cause unintended health risks, which include cataracts and skin cancer. [Read More]

Wood Or Aluminum? Which Is Better For Windows?

There are so many great reasons to invest in new windows. No matter how old your house is, it could probably benefit from new window fixtures. You need to make some important decisions when choosing the best windows for your property. For instance, you need to decide which sash material is most appropriate for your style and usage. This article explains the difference between two of the most popular sash materials. [Read More]