A Window Of Opportunity: Why You Should Choose Custom Drapery

Choosing window treatments for your home can be an exciting and rewarding experience. Drapes or curtains can be so much more than just window coverings that give you privacy. But unless you go for custom drapery, you might miss out on many various important benefits.

Custom drapery gives you the flexibility to choose drapes or curtains to achieve multiple aims.

Professional installation 

One of the best benefits of purchasing custom drapery is that you'll have a seasoned professional install your drapes or curtain for you. This means that:

  • You'll get the right fit.
  • You'll get the optimal and best-looking hardware placement.
  • You'll benefit from the advice and guidance of a professional.

Before installation, you'll also get to meet with the professionals who take care of the installation, which will allow you to tell them exactly what you want from your window treatments.

Quality materials

Custom drapery is more expensive, but for the higher price, you get the guarantee that your drapes or curtains will be of high-quality materials. In other words, you won't have to worry about color variations or snags. Custom drapes also tend to have a high-quality lining to protect against sun damage.

Additionally, custom drapes come with pleats, the style of which you can select yourself. Pleats give drapes more personality and style points. If you want to make your dining room pop, choose drapes with pleats.

Energy efficiency

When you choose the design and materials of your curtains or drapes, you can improve your home's energy efficiency. For instance, if your home gets cold during the winter, choose thick drapes that keep warm air in and cold air out. And during hot summers, if you use your air conditioner, thick drapes can also help to keep cool air in and warm air out.

With the right drapes, you gain comfort whatever the weather, and you can save money on energy expenditure.

Limitless designs

If you plan to choose drapes or curtains for most or all of the rooms in your house, custom drapery allows you to choose an appropriate style for each room. With the help of your drapes designer and installer, you can design your own drapes. There is no limit to the colors, styles, and additions you can add to custom drapes or curtains.

Durable hardware

Drapes need hardware like rods and rings. This hardware needs to be durable to withstand the weight of your drapes or curtains. Taking the custom route ensures that you get durable hardware that stands the test of time. You can also get creative with the design of the hardware too.

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