Ready For A Change? 4 Reasons To Invest In New Window Treatments

If it's been a while since you replaced the window treatments in your home, it's time to make some much-needed updates. The right window treatments can improve energy efficiency and protect your furniture from sun damage. However, they also provide you with benefits you might not have considered. Here are four more reasons why you should invest in new window treatments for your home.

Avoid Those Early Morning Wake-Up Calls

If you're tired of waking up earlier than you need to, a change of window treatments may be in order. This is particularly true if you have pets or young children who wake up with the sun. The wrong window treatments interfere with your ability to sleep in, especially if the sun shines through the windows at the break of dawn. The best way to ensure that you get to sleep in is to keep the rooms dark for as long as possible. Room darkening shades and curtains help block out the sun so you can sleep in longer.

Protect the Privacy of Your Home and Family

If you live in a residential community, you may see more of your neighbors than you'd like to. Not only that, but your neighbors may be seeing more of you than you'd like. That's because the wrong window treatments make your home visible to virtually anyone who's passing by. The last thing you want is to have your neighbors see you at your worst. You could leave your shades drawn 24/7, but that will deprive you of natural light, and your view to the outside world. One way to protect your privacy is to install window treatments with reverse opening and closing features. These shades will open from the top down, so that you can get natural light from the top of your windows, rather than from the bottom.

Provide Additional Protection for Young Children

If you have outdated window treatments in your home, your children may be at risk for accidents and injuries, especially your younger children. Outdated window shades have cords that pose strangulation and suffocation risks for young children. To provide additional protection for your young children, have those outdated window treatments replaced as soon as possible.

Improve the Outward Appearance of Your Home

If your current window treatments are old and worn-out, the outward appearance of your home may be suffering. Unfortunately, window treatment damage is usually visible from the street, which means passersby see the missing or broken slats. To improve the outward appearance of your home, replace those damaged window treatments right away.

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