Own Rental Property? 4 Signs It's Time To Replace The Windows

If you own rental property, you might not give much thought to the windows. However, that lack of thought could be posing more problems than you might think. If the windows in your rental property haven't been replaced in several years, it might be time to make the investment. If you're not sure that your rental property needs new windows, take a look at the list provided below. If you recognize any of the situations, it's time for replacement windows. 

Your Tenants Have Damaged Windows

If your tenants are dealing with broken windows, it's time for replacements. This is particularly true if the damage is caused by outdated glass. As windows age, the glass becomes weaker, which increases the risk for cracks and breaks. Unfortunately, it can get quite costly to replace a window each time one breaks. Not to mention the fact that weak glass poses a safety hazard for your tenants. If you're calling for repairs and replacements on a regular basis, it's time to replace all the windows in your rental property. 

Your Windows Aren't Region-Specific

If climate and region weren't considered when the last windows were installed in your rental property, it's time to plan for replacements. Residential windows - especially those in rental properties - should be designed with climate and region in mind. For instance, if your rental property is located in a hurricane region, you should have impact windows installed. If your rental property is located in a region that experiences earthquakes, you should consider shatter-proof windows. 

Your Tenants Have High Energy Bills

If your tenants are complaining about high energy bills, the windows may be to blame. Outdated windows can adversely affect energy efficiency. Thin, flimsy glass can allow outside air to be absorbed into the house. Unfortunately, that means that your tenants will be paying more to keep things cool during the summer and warm during the winter. If you're paying the utility bills, you'll be the one with the higher costs. Replacing those outdated windows will make your rental home more energy efficient. 

Your Windows Need an Upgrade

If you still have the same old windows in your rental property, it's time for a change. Your old windows may be undermining your ability to rent out your property, especially if they're affecting the overall appearance of the home. New, upgraded windows will make your rental property look more inviting to prospective tenants.

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