3 Best Window Treatments To Reduce Energy Loss For Budget Improvements

Not everyone can afford to have all the windows replaced in their home. This does not mean that they cannot improved. You may want to consider using window treatments and other improvements for the windows in your home. Here are some of the best solutions to consider for using window treatments for budget energy-efficient improvements:

1. Window Curtains and Draperies to Stop Cold Winter Drafts

The space around windows is an area that causes cold drafts, which is worse if you have older windows. To stop the drafts, consider window treatments like curtains. It is a good idea to choose draperies that have features that cover all the edges of windows. To get more protection from winter weather, use thicker fabric for your curtains, which will help provide insulation around cold, drafty windows.

2. Modern Thermal Blinds for Design and Energy-Efficient Window Improvements

Modern thermal blinds are another great choice to help stop cold drafts around windows. These blinds are available in a variety of colors, and they are designed to help insulate windows. Thermal blinds are an affordable solution to make windows more efficient all year long. Another benefit of using thermal blinds is that they are cut to fit inside window frames and are perfect to combine with window treatments like curtains to maximize energy efficiency. There are even thermal blinds that insulate windows and still allow natural light to come through the lighter-colored materials.

3. Options for Blinds and Shutters to Improve Energy Efficiency of Old Windows

There are also many different options for window blinds and shutters. If you live in an area that is prone to summer and fall storms, outdoor shutters are great to protect your home and can also be used for an energy-efficient window improvement. There are also interior plantation shutters, which can both provide protection from storms and give you an energy-efficient window improvement. If you want to have more protection from storms and a way to control these features, you may want to consider installing roller shutters, which can have manual or automated controls installed inside your home, while the shutter is installed outside your home to protect from wind blown debris during storms.

These are some of the best choices for window treatments that will improve the energy efficiency of your home. Contact a window replacement services representative to help with these and other improvements for the windows in your home.