A Quick Look At The Top Advantages Of Casement Windows In A Business Setting

Picking the windows for your business building can be a grueling process. Not only are there a lot of different choices, but a place of business may not always be shaped or structured the same as an average residential property. Therefore, finding window solutions that look good can be a trying feat. From bay windows to double-hung windows that are more traditional, you may find yourself in a struggle to get what you need.

Before you give up and just hire someone to make the choices for you, there is one type of window that you should seriously consider: casement windows. Take a look at these reasons why casement windows can offer advantages in a business setting. 

Casement windows work well in narrow spaces. 

If you don't have a lot of wall space for a window but still need some natural light or structural appeal, casement windows are a good option. These windows do not have to have a space that is tall to work. These windows usually crank open either inward or outward and can fit just about anywhere. Plus, they can be opened and closed even if you don't have a lot of space in front of the window to access it. 

Casement windows are easy to clean. 

The simple shape and design makes them super easy to keep clean, which is always important in a business setting. Most consist of a single framed panel of glass, instead of multiple window sections, that can be wiped clean from the inside or outside. Likewise, the casements around these windows are simple frames, which means they are also easy to keep looking good. Many business owners choose to install a row of casement windows up near the ceiling of the space to maintain privacy and still offer natural light, but even at higher levels these windows are not a problem to maintain. 

Casement windows can be large enough to double as an emergency exit. 

Because casement windows are a simplified one-framed window, in the event of an emergency, the window panel can be pushed outward to create an exit from the building. Because of this, many business owners go with casement windows that are large enough to allow a person to climb through from the inside in the event of a fire. While the windows would be hard to compromise from the outside of the building, from the inside, pushing the opening window out would be fairly easy.