Secure Your Home With Improvements And Knowledge—Options In Exterior Doors

Home ownership may come with several surprising tasks that you may struggle to handle. Staying aware of all the home improvement options available to you may seem particularly daunting, but home upgrades are a key part of increasing your property value and maximizing your enjoyment. When the time comes to install a new exterior door, studying your options is a key first step.

Below, you'll find a guide to some of the options available in exterior door installation. Considering these possibilities will allow you to make an informed decision that guarantees your home remains secure, modern, and meeting your needs for many years to come.


If you're attempting to balance cost consciousness with maximum strength, a steel door might be an excellent choice. Able to be shaped and painted in a variety of ways that could allow it to appear to be another material, a steel door is versatile while being relatively easy to install. Since the raw material is relatively inexpensive, the door maintains that low cost.

Steel doors may not be the right choice for all environments, however. In very humid areas or environments with a high salt content, a steel door may be susceptible to rust and wear. Also, the surface of your door may be more susceptible to dents and dings, making it a flawed choice if your home takes a fair amount of abuse.


One concern that many people have when it comes to exterior doors is weatherproofing. Making sure that your seals are strong in extreme weather can go a long way toward guaranteeing home security, and a fiberglass door will be up to that task.

By not shrinking or expanding with temperature changes, a fiberglass door will be resilient. Similar to steel, fiberglass products can be made to look like a wide variety of other materials, though a fiberglass door may be somewhat more susceptible to intentional damage caused by those attempting to break in to your home.


If you have no need to spare any expense, a wood door is likely the most luxurious and fashionable choice. Though it may be susceptible to warping in weather, wood is heavy, attractive, and will lend an air of sophistication to your home. Though a wood door can be painted in nearly any color, many home owners choose to maintain the natural grain in order to achieve that stately look. Be aware that wood doors may require more maintenance than other materials, as they do have to be regularly sealed against the elements.