5 Reasons To Invest In Replacement Home Windows

If you're planning a home renovation, you may be finalizing your budget and deciding where to spend your money. For instance, you may wonder if replacement home windows are worth the investment, or if your money should be spent elsewhere. 

Having new windows installed could make a big difference for your home, and new windows would be a nice upgrade that complements your renovation. Here are the benefits of replacing your windows.

1. Your Home Could Have A More Modern Look

If your current windows are old, they may not be very attractive. If you have old aluminum windows, they may look outdated and detract from your home's appeal. New windows not only make your home look tidy and well-maintained, they can also give it a more modern look whether you choose vinyl or wood frames. If you're getting new siding or painting, it's a good time to get new windows too.

2. New Windows Are Energy Efficient

Old windows weren't made to be energy efficient like modern windows are. You may even get cold when sitting next to an old window, and the window may be cold to the touch. Modern windows often have double panes and insulated frames so they block heat transfer to the inside in the summer and to the outside in the winter.

This can help your power bills be lower too. Plus, you'll probably be more comfortable during the cold days of winter with no drafts coming in around your new windows. 

3. New Double-Hung Windows Are Easy To Clean

Replacement home windows come in different styles, so you might want to switch to double-hung windows. These lower from the top as well as raise from the bottom. This makes your windows more functional since you can lower the top to enjoy the breeze while keeping the bottom part closed.

These windows can also tilt inside for ease of cleaning. If you have a second level on your home, you'll appreciate being able to clean the windows easily yourself from the inside of your home.

4. New Windows Could Improve Home Security

You have options when configuring your replacement home windows. If security is a high priority, you may want impact windows. These are made to stand up to intruders and hurricane-strength winds. They have two panes of glass with a thick membrane inside that won't tear.

The glass might crack when struck with a strong blow, but it won't fall from the frame. This keeps out intruders and storms so your home has more protection.

5. New Windows Could Add Value To Your House 

When you buy replacement home windows, you get back value in your home. If you sell your home in a few years, potential buyers may be pleased with the appearance of the new windows and also be relieved they won't need to put new windows in for years. Plus, the windows add value to your home so you can recoup some of the money you spent on them when your house sells.

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