Why Buy Windows With High Quality Glass

Do you need to replace the windows in your home, but you don't want to spend a lot of money? The problem with buying windows is that a cheap window and a high-quality window are going to look very similar at first glance. However, the glass can make a big difference, and you get what you pay for. Here are some reasons why you should buy windows with high-quality glass instead of a cheap alternative.

Test The Glass

Know that there can be many differences when it comes to the quality of the glass in a new window. Even if both windows are made out of double-pane glass, the glass can be a different quality. There is actually a test that can be done on window glass, using a U-shaped tool that takes measurements on both sides of the glass. It can tell you things about the solar heat gain, visible light, and ultraviolet light transmission. When comparing multiple windows, ask the salesperson for statistics in these areas so that you can actually compare the quality of the glass. You may be surprised to learn how different one window can be from another.

Solar Heat Gain Transmission

The most important number to look at when comparing windows is the solar heat gain coefficient number. It tells you if the window is blocking the heat that comes through the window. A lower number is going to be better than a higher number in this area. However, this statistic can be altered by the visible light transmission.

Visible Light Transmission

The visible light transmission statistics tells you how much light is shining through the window. A low number means that the window is blocking natural light, which causes your rooms to be darker under direct sunlight. Keep in mind that a cheap window may have a much lower visible light transmission to help reduce that solar heat gain coefficient. Always compare the solar heat gain and visible light transmission numbers to see how they relate. A high-quality window will have low solar heat gain and high visible light transmission.

Ultraviolet Light

The ultraviolet light transmission is how much of those dangerous UV rays are allowed to pass through the window. A high-quality window is going to have a low ultraviolet light transmission rate. Since ultraviolet light blocking is what you want to avoid those cancer-causing rays from the sun, you'll want the glass to have a lower percentage for this statistic.

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