Recommended Window Treatments For Homes That Have No Occupants

When you own more than one house, you might leave your other properties vacant for quite some time. If you also want these homes kept private and items inside well-preserved, you need to carefully consider your window treatments. The following options are recommended for vacant properties and the preservation of the interiors in your absence:

Dense Velvet Curtains

Velvet is already a dense fabric, but when it comes to velvet for curtains you want the heaviest weight of cloth you can get. Many wealthy Europeans used heavy velvet curtains for years because it blocks out all of the sun's harmful rays and prevents fading of rugs, art, and furniture. When these curtains are drawn, the rooms are very dark indeed.

Automated, In-the-Window Blinds

Not just any blinds will do: you need blinds that are built into your windows, between two panes of glass, which respond to a remote control device that closes and opens them. Because the blinds are built between the two panes of glass, they can block out almost as much light as the dense velvet curtains mentioned previously.

Window Films

Although window films effectively block a lot of the sun's rays, you do not want to rely solely on the films to block light and nosy neighbors. Instead, cover your windows with UVA/UVB window films, and then cover them with one of the other window treatments listed here. Then you are blocking the negative effects of the sunlight and keeping the home private.

Room-Darkening Window Shades

Roller shades are not pretty, but they are definitely functional. When those roller shades also have the capacity to block out light, they are very effective window coverings for vacant homes. The room-darkening window shades are also one of the cheapest options available, if you do not want to pay a premium price for velvet curtains or automated blinds.

Heavy Blankets

The ultimate in inexpensive window treatments, heavy blankets are able to block out sunlight and prying eyes, too. If you loop heavy blankets over curtain rods mounted to the posts of the window frames, you can block almost all light that enters. If you do not have any heavy blankets that you do not mind destroying with the fading effects of the sun's rays, you can usually purchase some from most thrift stores. Since you will also need sheets to cover all of the furniture in every home you own and do not occupy, you can shop for both the blankets and sheets at a thrift store.

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