Wood Or Aluminum? Which Is Better For Windows?

There are so many great reasons to invest in new windows. No matter how old your house is, it could probably benefit from new window fixtures. You need to make some important decisions when choosing the best windows for your property. For instance, you need to decide which sash material is most appropriate for your style and usage. This article explains the difference between two of the most popular sash materials. Wood and aluminum are both popular materials, but they are very different, so you want to consider all of your options.

Wooden Windows

Most people will agree that wooden windows are more stylish than aluminum windows. Wood has long been a popular window material, especially since so many other construction elements throughout residential properties are built out of wood. This means that you will have an easier time finding a wooden product that matches with the rest of your home. In fact, even aluminum windows will usually have a wooden frame around them. However, wooden frames, matched with wooden sashes, create a more cohesive style on both the inside and outside of the fixture.

One of the most important characteristics of wooden windows is that they need to be refinished. To some homeowners, this is a definite disadvantage, but others don't mind it. Wooden windows only need to be refinished once every 10 years or even longer. This offers the homeowner a great opportunity to update their window style by applying in a new finish. The fact that wood can be refinished is a huge advantage to homeowners who are frequently changing the color scheme of their property. In fact, some people will refinish their windows before they need to, just because they want to update the style.

Aluminum Windows

Aluminum windows are popular, but they don't look good when they are repainted. That is, the color that you install is pretty much the color you are going to be stuck with.

Many people still prefer aluminum windows just because they are cheaper and require very little maintenance. It is a lightweight and affordable material that has an understated style. Simply put, aluminum windows are not going to be a central style feature on your walls. They usually look best in recessed windows or homes with modern design.

Aluminum and wooden windows have their own drawbacks and advantages, but either will make your property look newer and more stylish in the end. For more information about replacement windows, contact a professional.